The insincerity of your protest is deafening


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No, the REAL outrage is drinking beer through a straw. Who does that???



But is this shoopped?

It’s just so on the nose in its perfection of hypocrisy, I don’t know quite what to make of it.


It’s a false farts flag incident.


I was taught taking a knee was a sign of respect. Funny how the mouth breathers all lurved it when Tim Teebow (nope not gonna google his name) would take a knee. But black players protesting systemic police brutality? A horrid case of the vapors! Summon my fainting couch!

I know lots of these folks were peeved when our players raised their fist at the Olympics, but you folks lost that war so stfu already. Bet they sing the ‘lost’ third verse over and over…

Sitting on the flag? Why not just wipe your fat @$$ with it? And what kind of MONSTER drinks beer through a straw. Sickening.


Jets fan. Phht. Figures. GO SEAHAWKS!!


Hey, maybe he’s that guy from that other thread.
You know the one.


Snopes says true, but it doesn’t seem to be up to their usual standard of fact checking.


Actually where I saw it first:

Rating: True


False flags turn frogs gay!!!


It looks like a beach towel with a flag design to me. Note the terry like texture and thick edges.

So, not as bad as sitting on an actual flag, but still an interesting commentary on what the flag actually means and how to respect it.


False Flatulence?


Snopes has also been deemed fake news by that crowd as well, along with science, people who actually lived events, etc. No winning.


Don’tcha just love it when one single yokel manages to be in the perfect place doing the stupidest thing possible at exactly the right time to make an entire protest-against-a-protest look moronic?


From the same “fine people” who brought us…



I don’t think the flag code discriminates based on medium.


My son tells me kids at his middle school are taking a knee during the morning pledge of allegiance.


Maybe, but all kinds of shit is being sold with flags on it these days. I highly doubt that any of it is being treated with the care demanded by the flag code- and that is what I meant by social commentary.


Yeah, I understand. I just felt the need to inject some pedantry into this thread. Not like the flag code is even legally binding or anything.


What about flag boxer shorts?