'The Digital Prophet Song,' by Jonathan Mann




Digital Prophet predicts: penny stock price and the inexorable extinction of AOL once RadioShack and BestBuy stop stocking 28.8K modems.


Why does AOL even exist anymore? What is it exactly that they do except make headlines for being CEO assholes?


Laser background!


When AOL stock holders said that they hadn’t seen a profit in years I don’t think that Shingy is quite what they were expecting…wrong kind of prophet AOL.


For people not getting the context, this piece covers it well: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/article/2014/2/11/media-and-digital/how-bundle-joy-became-aols-scapegoat


Yeah, but are any of the sounds on the track digital emulations of a Prophet synth?


So what people want is a corporation to pay a guy millions to tell them that what they want is a corporation to control what they are allowed to hear or see. Got it.

I’ll go back into my deep unrelenting depression now, thanks Shing.


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