AOL's “Digital Prophet“ Shingy gets a New Yorker profile




It’s easy to make fun of Shingy. But let us never forget that Shingy removed the desk of AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, who is infamous for taking lurid public pleasure in firings and layoffs, and Shingy replaced that desk with a circle of empty chairs.

And Shingy was paid by him to do that.


Don’t know who is guy is, and I’m actually pretty OK with that. Life’s short and all…


I suspect that that is a much more inspiring story if you are outside AOL, rather than one of the (some some thousands, at least, at this point) former AOL employees who, by implication, were judged to be less valuable than Shingy. That. Has. To. Sting.


And I will never ever ever ever ever write a song about a Shingy


We owe it to the internet not to talk about this guy.


AOL? If I’ve been transported back in time to 1996, I can still use a ride to go kill George Lucas.


Why would we make fun of Shingy?
It’s AOL that deserves the mockery for hiring somebody to do… whatever it is that he actually does. Which nobody, anywhere, seems to be able to describe in anything other than buzzwords.


Somehow a character from The Savage Girl got ported into the real world.


I think I know his stylist:


aw man, everybody tries to kill George Lucas the first time.


Am I the only one who just feels bad for this guy? He just seems so pathetic, and I cannot accept that he lacks self-awareness. I imagine that he’s trapped himself into some weird spiral of hucksterism he doesn’t know how to escape.


Point of order: this discussion belongs in the Original Trilogy Anti-revision forum. We’re
adults; can we keep sight of what’s important around here?


Maybe he just watched too many episodes of Bokurano.


We could all learn something from hipster Beetlejuice.


“Sound will be very important in the future.”

the “Digital Prophet” AOL pays some six figures to “fly all around the world and go to conferences.”


I am 94% certain that Shingy is a character by Sacha Baron Cohen.


Well, despite the surreal jargon I think he’s actually right.