AOL's Armstrong fires man on the spot during layoffs meeting




Why on earth would a CEO in an extremely tense meeting get pissed at an underling for pulling a f*ing camera out?

I would have fired his ass too.


Reminds me of Alan Partridge’s behaviour at Peartree Productions.


Pictures or it didn’t happen!


Sounds like the typical corporate sociopath. No remorse, no hesitation, makes quick snap “tough” decisions regardless of who it hurts and keeps on going without giving it a second thought.


What an excellent way to show you really don’t give a crap about individuals or their livelihoods. It’s not surprising a CEO like this couldn’t get a local news service going, since he clearly doesn’t care about people.


It’s pretty inappropriate to start snapping some photos during a meeting about employees being laid off. Definitely if that person is a creative director who probably manages other employees.


Do you ever wonder why you’re not in charge, despite having the same opinion as the man in charge?


Alternate Headline:

AOL’s Armstrong demonstrates why he’s not mature enough to be given any sort of power over other people’s lives.


No. Because I am.




He did far better at tarnishing his image by firing the guy like that. This guy needs a Tallyrand badly.


All terribleness aside, Armstrong fired a guy named LENZ for pulling out a camera? Shame his name wasn’t Johnson.


WE ARE DOGS (at best) in the eyes of the Rich and Powerful ™. AT BEST.

Pets to be whimsically indulged at THEIR convenience.
MEAT to be consumed when they are less than patient.
KNOW your PLACE, peons. This is the 3rd Carbon Age. Only the Rich are important.


Tell us where —so we can make the right decision for ourselves whether to give you our custom or not.


Armstrongs! They’re as bad as Campbells! (joking, by the way)


Wow, this is almost enough motivation for me to try to begin looking for how to close that Flying Dutchman AOL account that I’ve been paying $19.99 a month for for the last 15 years. First, though, I will need to figure out how to login to my computer again.

I will miss being able to access the internet several times a year, I must admit. Too bad that there aren’t alternatives. They really ought to build more tubes.


Well done, sarcasm suits you! :slight_smile:


AOL is still in business? Huh.


… and thats the reason why we in Western Europe have different, stricter employment laws protecting the “lowly worker”.