Why AOL's chief fired a man in front of 1,000 colleagues


That was way too long to read, to discover the genesis of psychology that led to the man’s firing. Lots of people have stress and disappointments, you know, like the guy who was fired.


I’m just going to assume it’s because he’s a sociopathic arsehole.


There are still over 1,000 people working for AOL??


I wasted my time reading the article… and yes, the guy is your typical sociopath CEO. The tl;dr is he was in a snit because he failed and golden boys like him never fail.


I assumed he did it for the same reason he was in the position to do it… Psychopathic Arsehole CEO Syndrome.


If you’re regularly being compared to Larry Ellison, it’s time to quit whatever the heck it is you’re doing, go spend a year in the wilderness, enter a monastery, take a vow of silence, something like that…


Wow, that is a metric fuckton of inside baseball to have to go through in order to find out that the reason was basically “CEO directly told guy to stop taking pictures at difficult meetings where he has to fire hundreds of employees that he personally hired; guy does it anyway.”


It’s worth noting that, unlike AOL, ORACLE (One. Rich. Asshole. Called. Larry. Ellison.) is a successful company. So the AOL guy must be a real treat in person if he manages to get compared to Larry despite captaining a sinking ship with a fire in the engine room.

I don’t understand all the attention this is getting. Boss says “Hey employee x, no doing that.”. Employee x does it anyways. Boss fires employee x. It happens every day, and it certainly isn’t limited to CEO’s who exhibit symptoms of psychopathy. The story might as well be “Employee fails to understand hierarchical chain of command in public, learns lesson.”

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Happens all the time; but certain things are usually not done in public. It lends a certain unseemly theatricality to the behavior. That, rather than the firing itself, is what makes his behavior come off as rather dodgy.

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TL;DR: Turns out being a CEO is stressful. Who knew? Nobody understands how hard it is being rich and powerful, poor diddums.

Oh, and he apologized to the guy he fired for no good reason. So thoughtful. I’m sure his mortgage-holder, day care, grocery store, and so forth will happily accept a heartfelt apology in lieu of payment.

“The Cost of Winning.” For fuck’s sake.

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