OpenAI abruptly fires CEO Sam Altman for lying

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not consistently candid in his communications

A masterpiece of corporate speak. I expect the NYT to use it if Biff gets back into the White House.

The late Friday afternoon release is the cherry on top.


OpenAI abruptly fires CEO Sam Altman for lying

Next they should fire ChatGPT for constantly doing the same thing.


Let me guess…the lying was probably, “AI will take over everything in the near future!”

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There’s no credible facts out anywhere yet about what the lies were.

I guess that, when talking about Tech CEOs, it will take some time to narrow down exactly what lies are considered beyond the pale.

Nice to see Carter Burke making an appearance in the article.


It must have been at least reasonably juicy or properly crossing the powers that be for someone at his level to get fired during a period of apparent success.

Skimming the till(either directly or via some sort of esoteric self-dealing) seems most likely; but I’m not ruling out something weirder from the guy who has been going on about how magic intelligence from the sky is his product.


They probably asked him for a quarterly report, and he just asked ChatGPT to write it, and it just completely fabricated all the numbers.


Wait, wasn’t that his job?


Or “AI will make everything worse than you clowns on the board are currently doing”


Lets query an AI:

Hello! How can I help you?

what lies would a CEO of an AI company would be fired over?

A CEO of an AI company might be fired over various unethical or dishonest actions. Some examples of lies or misconduct that could lead to termination include:

  1. False claims about AI capabilities: If the CEO deliberately exaggerates the AI’s functionality or makes misleading statements about its capabilities, it could undermine the company’s reputation and erode customer trust.
  2. Data misuse or unauthorized data collection: If the CEO engages in unethical practices such as unauthorized data collection or misuse of user data, it could violate privacy laws, breach user trust, and result in severe legal consequences.
  3. Ethical violations in AI use: If the CEO knowingly allows or promotes the deployment of AI systems for harmful or unethical purposes, such as weaponization, deception, discrimination, or surveillance without valid consent, it could lead to severe repercussions and public backlash.
  4. Intellectual property infringement: If the CEO unlawfully uses proprietary technology, patents, or trade secrets from other companies, it would be a serious violation resulting in legal action and potential termination.
  5. Financial fraud or manipulation: If the CEO engages in financial misconduct like embezzlement, insider trading, or fraudulent reporting, it could have significant legal and financial implications for the company, leading to immediate termination.
  6. Breaching corporate governance: If the CEO fails to adhere to proper corporate governance protocols, neglecting duties, or making decisions that directly contradict the board’s directives, it could be grounds for dismissal.

These are just a few examples, and depending on the severity and impact of the lies or misconduct, the consequences may vary.


Yes; it covers a lot of ground, including but not limited to lying. For example, if you have given different answers to different audiences that were truthful, yet purposely created conflict for your own benefit, or when you have had an unethical sexual relationship with a staff member and did not say anything about it despite policies forbidding such, etc. etc.


Alright, you’re just fucking with us and that’s a picture of Paul Reiser. I see you, but I’m not Mad About You, @beschizza.


Maybe he lied about some new intellectual properties the company was trying to acquire:
James Cameron Aliens GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


One comment made good points. The company might be acting like the usual VC carnivorous unicorn, but it’s still structured as a non-profit, including the board.


He didn’t actually lie. He just hallucinated some plausible facts that were superficially similar to the information that they were seeking but happened to be untrue.


Paul Reiser took family members with him to the see the premiere of Aliens, and they cheered along with the rest of the audience when Burke gets what’s coming to him.


Hey, look, there was a substantial dollar value attached to that IP… in adjusted dollars.

I heard it was a minority report.


There’s no credible facts out anywhere yet about what the lies were.

Everything he wrote, and everything he said?


Not sure it’s that simple. My opinion is that Sam is an innovator and a mensch. What’s more likely is that the board wanted to make more money, and Sam was not doing that for them.

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So it’s not just students who are getting caught using chatgpt to do their homework?