The dinosaurs in Pee-wee's Big Adventure have been painted for Valentine's Day

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Wife and I stopped by a few years ago. BTW: for all the science oriented boingers, the “museum” is a whackadoodle museum of creationism, so take those photos from the parking lot if you don’t want to support anti-science propaganda. (better to spend your money at the nearby Hadleys…)


Thanks for the warning. Now I won’t have to tell the kids no just based on their crazy pricing.

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The original creator didn’t intend the attraction that way but his family sold the property in the mid-1990s to some Young-Earth Creationists who put their own weird interpretation on the project. Last time I stopped in the gift shop in the Brontosaurus I noticed they’d painted question marks on the estimated dates accompanying the busts of “early man” sculpted into the walls.

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Yeah, we skipped through the gift shop in a rush to get tickets to get on/in some giant F-ing dinosaurs (impulse, but giant dinosaurs!). Was sadly disappointed to walk around and see statues of “cavemen” with signs talking about how they co-existed with dinosaurs etc…

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