The DoJ is using a boring procedure to secure the right to unleash malware on the internet

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I don’t imagine that the average person is going to find this a compelling reason not to black-bag them.

The DoJ is using a boring procedure

Write to congress, demand more exciting procedures.

Bring changes to Rule 34. Aye, that’ll do it.


Don’t changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure have to be approved by Congress, anyway?

The DoJ is using this one boring procedure to burn extra brain cells, privacy advocates hate them!


Noooo! My preciousssss!

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I came here to make a Rule 34 joke. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

My suggestion was to redesign the hero image on this post. Maybe replace the spider with an octopus.


Didn’t they just get hacked and now their hacking tools up for grabs by the Equation Group.

Frightening at least and could become a twelve change of underpants scenario.

Is there an accessible version of the petition site? Without the animation?

Is there an accessible version of this site? Without the animation? Of course I block gifs, but I would still suggest that people stop using the accursed painweapons. I’ve got a migraine right now, and the sliding animation from trying to post does. not. help.

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