Don't let the government hack your computer. Tell Congress to stop changes to #Rule41

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Personally, I’m more concerned about changes to Rule 34. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t easily find pictures of Optimus Prime doing inappropriate things with a Studebaker.


fill in the blank…


Rule 41? You mean Desu IS funny?

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I thought one of the functions of Tor was as defense against such draconian measures, no?

Seriously, I really don’t know much about Tor. Someone fill me in.

Does EFF engage programatically with a community-based movement? Are there contemporary versions of Homebrew Computer Club supporting their work?

I can’t think of a more asocial social movement than the movement for digital liberties.

Is it a sysadmin/tech thing? It could be a lawyer thing since the Legal Services Corporations is isolated in some places.

Environmentalists have sometimes struggled with similar stakeholder misalignment and isolation.

What the hell? How come stuff like this can come into being with no legislation - it will go into force unless Congress does something? Why can’t gun control happen this way?


Agreed. I can’t imagine not being able to find images of Disney Frozen characters performing mildly (completely) illicit sexual acts. It’s too sad to think about.

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