Hackers vs the NSA in 1986


That’s why most of us old folks have been just muttering “duh!” after these “revelations” - try reading slashdot… Just like videogames, all of these techniques were (somewhat) obvious and the social engineering and effects were predicted many times. Nobody cares when the toys are so sweet… Suck on it now, you twits.

I couldn’t care less about the NSA, but the legal ambiguity (secret laws?!) and opportunities for corporations and other crooks to get at me is absurd. We knew that it would have to get this bad before We, the People got scared enough to react - hopefully not too far…

We need to recognize and control how our magic devices and networks function and prevent abuses. Techs realize that this often means loosening controls - get that to our legislators. Engineer some better systems. You users - try https on every site, quit posting info, or just live with it. The Internet is a Public area - every bit of it.

Anyway, I am one of those who saw this coming and now I have only one Google hit… I am not anonymous but I am Obscure. Like my fathers before me and 99% of you, I will go to my grave unremarked. This isn’t a bad thing and certainly doesn’t affect my wonderful and interesting life. It could be better if we didn’t have this leaking mess of a network… fix it or I will un-retire, dang it!

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