The doping, the scoring, the cheating - womens figure skating is like the trump olympics

The scoring is a complete mystery. Russians fall down, get top scores. Japan skates perfect gets third… cheating right out in the open now is the standard.

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Figure skating has always been this way.


I’m sure this year is just a blip in an otherwise perfect…. Oh.


What a shit show.


The Olympics is over, but I wanted to add a few comments about the scoring.

From what I understand, the higher the difficulty the more points. If the execution of the maneuver is less than perfect, the points will reflect that, BUT the penalty for a stumble on a quad or a triple triple may be equal to a perfect triple double.

Skaters also have to perform certain spins, jumps, rotations, etc. However, if they modify and downgrade a jump during their program, they will also be penalized.

In short, the skater with the most difficult or risky moves will be rewarded. Skaters who have fewer difficult moves but execute flawlessly may not earn enough points to win.

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that is russian skating in a nutshell. The skater has incidental relationship to the music, and often breaks their motions for a lead up to a big leap. Yet that is scored higher than the Japanese skater whose most difficult jumps were seamlessly integrated into a series of other graceful moves. The scoring is lame – it reduces the skating to track and field. jump over the higher bar and you win, even if you miss you may win because it was all about how hard and not about how well.

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Here’s a more specific breakdown in a USA Today article. Note that transitions make up one of five artistic components, and also remember that other artistic components are subjective (e.g., composition, performance, and interpretation). Also note that there is a skating skill component in the artistic side as well.

I agree with you that transitions seem to be less important to the judges, and a general lull between one maneuver and a jump distracts from the overall artistry of the program. However, the judges seemed to have decided that powerful skills outweigh artistic merit, which I find truly sad.

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