The Dresden Panometer gives visitors an immersive experience on a 1:1 scale of the Allied bombing raids of 1945

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This what humans do to each other, we’ll never change I’m afraid…

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“…reveals the extent of the destruction…”
Well, maybe the extent of material destruction. I doubt that visitors are (or wish to be) immersed in the sights and smells of even a fraction of the human costs. Survivors wrote of the resulting firestorm softening asphalt pavement, sucking the shoes/boots off of those attempting to flee across it.


Bomber Harris approves.


Ok boomer.

The bombing of german and japanese cities was a warcrime that the allies, mainly the UK and the US, never had to take responsibility for. I´m glad that an exposition like this exists.

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So it goes.


I am sure the people of Coventry, Rotterdam and Shanghai didn’t shed too many tears over the fate of Dresden.


Yes, those were german (and japanese) war crimes, but two wrongs don´t make a right.


However, prior to the creation of the World Court, fear of reprisal was what kept combatants from committing war crimes. It was the only way war crimes would be answerable. Two wrongs actually did make a right for at least a century and a half of wartime convention/treaty.

If one side started declaring war on the civilian population of a country, their own civilian population was officially fair game. It is what kept both sides from using chemical weapons. (Japan’s efforts in China excepted).

The Nazis invented nerve gas, but didn’t use it on the battlefield out of fear Allied stockpiles of chemical weapons would be used against them in retaliation. Plus the components and methods of producing nerve gas were easily within reach of the Allies if they had the impetus to research it.

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