The Eastern Question follows a 9-11 trail of hatred going back thousands of years

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No good. Do you have something a little more soundbite-friendly, perhaps

They hate us for our FREEDOM!!


Is there any chance that Bush Co #2 ever read this book?

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Do want!

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Muslims act the way they do because of the heat. Any cop can tell you that when people get too hot, they get crazy. The rates of violent crimes and murders go up in summer because people get irritable and have less patience. Even in the Mideast, there was an old tradition that after 3 days of the Khamsin, a hot wind, a man who murdered a nagging wife would be held innocent. Most Muslims live in parts of the world where it’s always too damn hot. They are driven crazy by heat stress.

Also, remember they live in cultures which degrade the value of education, and they hate and fear modernization. Their cultures promote and foster ignorance, intolerance, and fanaticism. They are what this country will be if the “evangelical” Christians have their way.

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So this is why the murder rate is so much higher in Texas than in Alberta.

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Its why Winnipeg is the murder capital of Canada, because Winnipeg is known for its extreme heat.


Just Muslims, or everyone who lives in hot climes? (For that matter: is this a wind-up?)

I’ve lived in Texas, and I’ve visited Oman. Both places get plenty hot; the latter is like Houston in the summer, but for more of the time. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Texas. FWIW. The Dhofar War notwithstanding, Omanis are some of the most laid back (or perhaps just reserved) people whom I’ve ever encountered, and Muscat is the quietest urban area I have ever visited. As for modernization, I would classify Dubai as being fairly modern, but then I haven’t been to Tokyo or Vegas. YMMV.


…and this explains why the history of Australia is one of endless war.

Hang on, what?

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