Islamophobic terrorist cell planned a "bloodbath" in Kansas, wanted to kill Muslim babies


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My Pantone swatches say they just had emotional problems.


“The only fucking way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherfucker,” Stein said in June.

I fixed, so as it ain’t all politically correct and shit. Plus I hope those bubbas are resting comfortably in the lockup tonight.


I know they’re not rational, but what did they actually expect would happen after this planned event? Is there some threshold of shocking acts that they believe in where if you pass the threshold with enough violence and atrocity, other people who don’t think there’s a problem with Muslims or [insert whoever you hate here] will suddenly come around to your thinking, instead of thinking that you’re the one who needs to be reined in?

“They’re evil, so let’s be evil to them and everyone will wake up and cheer for us!”


These guys don’t sound like the brightest bulbs. So far we’ve been fairly lucky that the intersection of terrorists and smart people has been limited.


I got the same thing, kind’a leaning more towards “not the sharpest tools in the shed”.


lol watt



Somali muslims… Methinks there may be a bit of residual melanin intolerance behind the religious intolerance. The open anti-islamic garbage is just the somewhat socially acceptable (in their circles) veneer to a much deeper ugly racism.

And babies? Seriously? Does anyone ever win public support by targeting innocents?
Me, hearing about these nutjobs just makes me think about how cute the muslim baby that lives next door to me is.


All it takes is for those wanting an excuse to be evil to come up with some kind of rationale like “there are no innocents” or “they’ll grow up to be terrorists, so we should kill them now.” These people are probably pretty well practiced in convincing themselves of stupid, awful things or they wouldn’t be in this position now.


Oh, I get how idiots lie to themselves to convince themselves that they’re not being monsters, but there’s a much bigger picture that pretty much guarantees that once you start down that path, you’ve already lost the war…


Society failed them. /s


i think you’ve hit upon the flaw in every similar plan, from militias to the KKK to every crackpot militant group around.


Having been raised in Kansas during my childhood, I never could understand why Dorothy wanted to go the hell back.


They’re trying to act out The Turner Diaries.

Non-ironic trigger warning: Just the Wikipedia plot summary will make you barf.


Well at least somebody is looking out for the oppressed white people of Kansas.


If these lovable chubby white men could be so outraged by muslimity that they had to kill even the babies well there just has to be something wrong with Islam.


Now now, remember the rules. These nice christian men are not terrorists. We only use that word for brown Muslims who commit crimes.


Thank you for being one of the few media outlets calling this a “terrorist cell”. Major news media is referring to it as an act of terror, to be fair, but they’re not calling these guys terrorists, which is apparently a word used only for their targets.


Mental health is a big issue today!