The Electable Mr Sanders


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“His single-payer healthcare proposal would cost so much it would require raising taxes on the middle class.”

This is a duplicitous argument. Studies show that a single-payer system would be far cheaper than our current system, which relies on private for-profit health insurers, because a single-payer system wouldn’t spend huge sums on advertising, marketing, executive pay, and billing. So even if the Sanders single-payer plan did require some higher taxes, Americans would come out way ahead because they’d save far more than that on health insurance.

Someone should tell Hillary Clinton this, otherwise she might embarrass herself by saying something like this.

Oops, too late.


Democratic-socialist-policies beats socialism-for-the-rich.


You know that the conservatives are starting to look at Bernie as more of a threat because the accusations of him being a hardcore communist are starting to circulate. They really thought that screaming “email server” and “Benghazi” was going to win them the election over Clinton.


(bailouts of Wall Street, subsidies for Big Ag and Big Pharma, monopolization by cable companies and giant health insurers, giant tax-deductible CEO pay packages)

No more Welfare for the wealthy 1%, the working class of the USA can not afford it any longer.

PS. If Bernie can make it to the big event he has my vote!


First he has to get nominated, and you can help him there, too.


Please vote for him in your state primary, @Papasan!


I love Bernie. I love Robert Reich. I am over the moon that Dr. Reich has written this piece.


We are a Union family, and you can be sure my Wife and I are voting Bernie.


BTW: WE follow Robert Reich’s Tumblr feed,

I highly recommend it.


I’m voting for the Bern, but the one argument that still makes me worried is his age. Not from a political perspective, but from a, “no male in my family has lived to his age without cancer or a heart attack” perspective.

I’m still voting for him.

And if he needs a slightly used lung, heart, liver, or skin graft, call me up. I can donate more than money :smiley:



I graduated from the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley this past May and my only regret is that I was never able to fit a class with Dr. Reich into my schedule.


I’d bet you a bottle of Scotch Whisky that his is in better shape than yours. :wink:


I’m not taking that bet, but I’ve had an EKG recently and my heart is the gold standard. My guts may asplode, but my ticker is solid :smiley:


Been saying this for a while, he’s the more electable of the two candidates…that whole ‘less electable’ meme was always complete bullshit.

And unlike Clinton, he wouldn’t have to debate from a position of weakness. He’d murder any of the republicans.


But not with an assault rifle. :wink:


And sadly they wouldn’t die of embarrassment either because they know no shame. :wink:


Whenever someone’s elected President, Disney makes a robot version of them to go in the Hall of Presidents; every president since the 60s has recorded their voice for it.

So think about who you can see being made into an animatronic replica, gesturing on stage.

It’s obviously Bernie, his animatronic duplicate up there with a halo of frizzy hair, doing his trademark “pat pat pat” motion while growling about making America the best country ever.


Seriously? He’s only 74, not 90 or something.


I do not support my union’s (LIUNA) nominee or the fact that there was no debate at my local or if there was there was no attempt to promote it. All of a sudden I’m endorsing Sec. Clinton.

And I’m not all that anti-Clinton, we’re basically 100% on social issues, I just think she’s a bit more hawkish than I like and she appears to be softer on corporate and banking interests. I also believe Bernie will take a harder stance on police violence and on gun violence. But that’s just my opinion.

What bothers me is that my union, a labor union, wouldn’t back the candidate pushing for large public works. Boggles the mind.