The electronic music of tomorrow


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If it wasn’t $1500, I’d have one of these in a heart (drum?) beat.

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The CS-80 was one of the last keyboards where a note’s volume could be tweaked by varying the finger pressure on a key.

That can’t be so. My son’s Yamaha keyboard is a whole lot newer, and it’s pressure-sensitive. It’s not an uncommon feature, although it’s a bit high-end. Also there’s… the piano.

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It does seem like they worded that a bit… wrong. Whatever special mojo the CS-80 had (not familiar with it), “volume is controlled by key pressure” is pretty standard fare nowadays.

Electronic music of tomorrow you say? Playing in three dimensions, you say?


Yeah but his device sounds cool, not like a strangling cat.

No joke but my wife has threatened to divorce me if I ever take up the theramin. She has an ex who practice for about 10 hours a week on his.

You sound crazy. That’s crazy talk… do we need to send you to the home?

The theramin makes sweet, sweet music!


After touch is normal in synth keyboards/keyboard controllers. Volume is one common routing, filter resonance is another. It’s a choice. Depends on what you want to use expressively that the pedals, or mod wheels don’t work so well for. So you’d use the mod wheel for something that would play across all selected notes but after touch would be for individual notes.

What they are talking about is called after touch. And like mentioned elsewhere here that is pretty common in synths. Except what the cs-80 had was called polyphonic aftertouch which allowed individual notes to be separately and simultaneously modulated by pressure. Most keyboards these days have channel aftertouch, which means the modulation effects all voices being played the same. It’s a huge difference in level of expressiveness.

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Lev Terminal was like unto a god!

Close enough, anyway, to be kidnapped from the US by the KGB.

10 hours a week, though? No wonder your ex is unhappy. 10 hours a week isn’t enough for proficiency on anything!

No, no. HER ex…this is my wife. I aim to keep it that way to after a decade of marriage.

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