The Empire Strips Back: "Star Wars" burlesque show soon to tour the West Coast

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I like Star Wars. And I like boobs. I just. . .I just don’t think I’d like them together, y’know? Sort of a chocolate and beer, reggae and the Beatles kind of thing.


I wonder if they did any kind of routine based on C3PO’s nude scene from Episode I.


Not to mention:




and now SW Burlesque. Keeping it real Ca.


What’s wrong with that?


Wake me when we get a SW themed burlesque show that features both male and female storm troopers wearing improbably skimpy versions of Star Wars costumes.


Like this?


Some one should tell Australia that the other 90% of the US likes Star Wars too :confused:


My first thought, and I swear this is what immediate popped into my brain when I saw the picture, was:

Aren’t you a little too sexy lady to be a stormtrooper?

Everyone knows stormtroopers never hit anything. This way their targets will be too distracted to hit them back, evening out the odds.

Poll: which is the superior pun name for a routine inspired by the orange-and-white droid?

  • DD-8
  • BooBie-8

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Springtime for Vader and the Empire!
Winter for Alderaan and Hoth!

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no, their targets will be trying to hit on them.

Man we need so much more of this kind of crazy, funny, silly stuff. I love people who think like this. My favorite professor in school said his wife loved Cherry Chocolate and Beer. He loved her for that (among other things) and I love people who are completely batshit nuts and wonderfully functional.
Who would you rather see, the Storm Strippers or mitch mc’conell?

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A friend of mine saw this when it was in Sydney. Said it was awesome.

This show had a decent run at a theatre a few blocks from my old lab in Sydney. Never saw it; I had friends into burlesque at the time, but they were more on the amateur/queer side of things.

I wonder if this is a parody. Did they mention whether it’s a parody or not? I missed whether they said anything about it being a parody production.

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