The EU's latest copyright proposal is so bad, it even outlaws Creative Commons licenses

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Can I get a decision maker’s summary? Julia Reda could probably provide one…

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Wow. This could annihilate the EU’s content market, never mind what it would do to the larger economy.


I remember predicting (probably along with a thousand other people) that one day they would try to outlaw “free” and require anything of value to be exchanged at a “fair market value” so as to not undermine or compete with the markets that belong to the wealthy. They’ve been heading this way for decades now with the copyright lawsuits over hypothetical lost sales, among other things.


Here you go :slight_smile:


The biggest problem is that the Commission is historically filled with politicians who failed up. The guy from Germany, Günter Oettinger, is a perfect example of the sort of shitty fuckups who get shunted to the commission in a Dilbert Principle manner.

The EU is still dysfunctional in that way, that the Commission makes incredibly shitty proposals, which the Parliament then is forced to shoot down. But with all the other higher-priority problems, reforming this is going to be punted down the road for a while.


Does a lot of draft legislation start out as unusually terribad?

This is great news, alongside Facebook and all that. As they fit us all for the yoke, I was afraid they’d be smart about it, and set it all up nice and quietly and with a human face painted on. But, nope. Not clever enough and altogether too evil.

This way, we’ve a chance as the mundane get driven into fully-encrypted-can’t-be-censored-even-in-principle technologies alongside the cypherpunks and the weirdos.

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Just a reminder this is not being pushed by the EU Commission as a whole but by a MEP called Axel Voss.


Oh dear gods, Axel Voss is behind it? He’s nearly as putrid as Oettinger! What the fuck is wrong with the CDU?

Oh yeah.

Sorry, I forgot.


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