The EU's plan to impose mandatory copyright filters is on life-support and may die

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Is a trialogue a discussion between three parties?

OK, a monologue is one person talking but the dia- in dialogue means between, not two. So you can have a dialogue between three parties

Right, I’ll read the rest of the article now


Content is being created at a rate faster than any time in history, so why are we so obsessed with extending copyright protections for longer durations? Seems to me that content is healthier than ever and needs far less protection than it used to. It’s about time governments step away from protecting corporate interests.


Exactly. While copyright has legitimate uses, we need less of it, not more.


So there is some legislation that collapses in on itself under the weight of its own stupidity? Good, now i want to see the same happen with the brexit shitshow.


I’m never quite sure how much of that is because international diplomacy has a technical lexicon that resembles, and partially overlaps with, English but is very much its own domain-specific thing; and how much of that is just the fact that English didn’t edge out French through the power of inflexibility and higher standards.

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This is definitely EU jargon. Comes from the dialogue between EU parliament, the commission and the council (heads of state). There’s a bunch more of these spawned by the bureaucracy.

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… at least in this case, that seems to be the implication :


… but yeah, defintely a weird word.

It’s a meeting between three EU bodies which are European Commission, Council of the European Union and European Parliament. Before any directive is implemented in EU, all three bodies make their own version of the directive and present them indoor meeting and discuss upon it for amendments …After all bodies agree , the final directive is passed … If you want to know what is the EU trialogue, how the trialogue is going and how it will effect the big tech companies especially Youtube, this will help you.

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Voss and his ilk will be back. This is battle against corporate hegemony, which will never be completely over.

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Sweet summer child. Nothing the Commission wants ever dies. If it’s really controversial, it just goes away for a bit, and then reappears with a new name.

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