The existence of the Bahamas begins in the Sahara desert


Though the interconnectedness reported here between the Bahamas and the dust from the Sahara desert suggests geoengineering to get some more CO2 out of the air and build more calcium carbonate islands, I propose caution. Who would have thought that the Sahara desert was so useful? Deserts are bad, right? Remember all of those ideas of flooding the Sahara? But that might cut down on the dust the floats to the Bahamas and then they sink into the sea even faster for lack of calcium carbonate.

The problem is already the decline of dust blowing in the wind and nourishing ocean pastures, growing fish (and the Bahamas), and making the world a healthier place. This is because our high and rising CO2 makes the grass grow… More grass growing means less dust blowing.

Interesting! One picky thing… it’s Bahamian not Bahamanian. Pronounced Ba-hay-mi-an, with the emphasis on the “hay”

So, in essence, they have traced the vectors of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things to a beach in the Bahamas, and they must now visit this location for research.


We are already geoengineering!

Some few of us are REVERSE Geoengineering along with some help from our ocean fish and whale friends…

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