Sandwars: the mafias whose illegal sand mines make whole islands vanish


o_0 isn’t like 1/4th of Africa covered in sand that no one is using?


Desert sand apparently has a different, and less useful, gain shape than sand produced by water erosion.


Reminds me of this:

Mystery of the stolen Moore solved

Bronze sculpture worth £3m was melted down and sold off as scrap for just £1,500, say police.

The people who could legally sell sculptures off for scrap, or could sell pristine beaches off for use as aggregate usually have good reasons for not doing so.

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Aww, I have literal tons of sand and rocks in my back yard I could probably make a 3rd world fortune on if I had some way of transporting it.

Welcome to the anthropocene.


Singapore’s Dictator-Emeritus Lee Kwan Yew just died, and the newspapers have been talking about how corruption-free Singapore is. Compared to much of Asia, that may be true, but there’s still plenty of corruption around.

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