Tourist fined $1,200 for swiping sand from Italian beach

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Depending how much sand he swiped, that could be a reasonable price!

Speaking of stealing other people’s beaches, check out this Russian seaglass beach:

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So, it’s illegal because it is stealing from the beaches. But when it’s confiscated, it’s piled up in a room instead of returned to the shore? That seems wrong too.


I know people who would be in heaven…

I hope the member who snagged me some volcanic sand from Tenerife, Canary Islands wasn’t doing something to get in trouble. Though it was only a couple spoon fulls and a few volcanic rocks.

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Was thinking the same. Hopefully at the end of the year they bring it back.

Well, if their town council is as dumb as some here in the U.K., they’ll class that as illegal dumping of trash and put it into landfill - some seaside towns here have done it when beachfront house owners have swept up wind-blown beach sand and returned it to the beach, only to be threatened with fines for ‘fly tipping’ rubbish.


I read elsewhere that they do this mainly so that one a year they can make a photo of all the stuff confiscated, so that people get an idea of how much it adds up.


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