The "facts" presented to trump supporters re impeachment

They’re not arguing that the charges are false, they’re arguing procedurally, that it’s not fair to proceed with a complaint originally based on hearsay, that we can’t prove Trump did anything wrong without using evidence that’s off-limits for some reason, like “executive privilege” or “absolute immunity”


“9-1-1 what’s your emergency?”
“Me and my friends just saw a car crash”
“I’m sorry, you’ll all have to make individual calls, them’s the rules…” click


“we can’t do anything unless you were in the car”


“Are you, technically, the deceased?”


but of course they are ignoring that trump already turned over his “transcript” which implicates him.


“You say you saw the president shoot a man in Reno, but are you sure it was just to watch him die?”


Le bigge sighhhh. They make so many tall claims with nothing to back it up. The author is always off the mark. On one hand, he is right to call out China and India for emissions, but his is a whataboutism, not an inclusion. The USA and Europe are part of the problem, too. It’s not an us vs. them. It’s a “way of life” issue that every nation faces one way or another. As humanity is on the brink of sustainable technology, we are also on the brink of destroying the ecosystem. Articles like this, which can be summed as, “you should be thanking us,” are unfortunately how much of the USA thinks. It’s developmentally at about fourth grade reasoning.


That article also pretends that “Leading by example” (something that conservatives sometimes trumpet) is not a valid talking point.


That’s how gaslighting works but of course, you already know this I’m just reminding you.


Right? We are in the misinformation age. All kinds of sources and forces try to tell people what to think. Don’t tell me what to think, dammit! Just give me the pertinent facts.

GASLIGHTING: even if the target doesn’t believe the lie, it still becomes impossible to discuss the truth


yes, except instead of causing me doubts, with your help, and the help of everybody that replied, I’ve avoided loosing my grounding in the truth.

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No - it does not become impossible to discuss the truth. We’ve just done that here. I hope we all walk away with the tools to dismantle this conspiracy theory for others when it comes up.

Believe me, that was worthwhile.


yeah, just saying if you really want to get into it – while the external world provides the things we sense, our minds impose the order and so our experiences are always after the fact. everything is a secondary experience.

the point being, as you say:

and the only way to give it wings is to engage with it seriously.

no one should take that bait.

similarly, “quid pro quo.” i’ve noticed some people saying fox news is at war with itself because they are debating did or didn’t it happen. them “debating” is them attempting to reframe the issue in order to undermine the point:

trump asked for a personal favor of a foreign government to investigate a political rival. multiple times.

he’s already admitted it. those are impeachment grounds enough.

the whistleblower – at this point – is only relevant because that person also claims there was a cover up. and that covering up may well ( of course it did ) have happened before.

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mind/body problem…what if we are the sensing, not the marking and re-telling of what was sensed? What if a “thing” is not just a material, but the emanation?

Even then, the legal context is ultimately what some judicial authority agrees it is, in the context of the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989.

Full agreement. The bad faith argument that’s the subject of this thread is wrong, there should be no confusion about that.

Saying it’s wrong and inane top-to-bottom, is not “taking it seriously”. If you see anyone taking it seriously, let them know it’s a distraction based on mis-truths.


The article I linked at the top of this post has been completely debunked in the few days since it was published. What a surprise - it was bullshit.


Ok- just to cap this off, here are some of the flood of articles debunking this conspiracy theory:

WashPo opinion column

Law & Crime blog



NBC News

and finally a systematic disembowelment by Politifact

brief take-down by


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