After Mueller report, Trump campaign attacks media. Read the note they're sending to TV producers


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What are they hiding?


“Does this guest warrant further appearances in our programming , given the outrageous and unsupported claims made in the past?”


If making unsupported and outrageous claims meant they wouldn’t appear on TV then Fox News would be Shep Smith and nobody else.


My favorite from her Twitter feed:

Wonder what the party of “the story is still out on climate change” thinks of deplatforming known liars?


Whether he’s actually innocent or not, Trump sure does a great job of acting like a career criminal.


“You should begin by asking the basic question: Does this guest warrant further appearances in our programming, given the outrageous and unsupported claims made in the past?”

This just sounds like Trump doesn’t want to do TV anymore.

“if these guests do reappear, you should replay the prior statements and challenge them to provide the evidence which prompted them to make the wild claims in the first place.”

Good advice.


Well, finally, a post on the Mueller report. After waiting with baited breath for 2 years, one would think this would have been reposted by half the editorial team when the report was first released, complete with wild speculation on what was in it - followed by disappointment it wasn’t very damning. (Apparently.)

Color me completely unshocked it didn’t find anything to nail him with. The good news is, we got less than 2 years left and then we will have an opportunity to vote him out. :confused:


I suspect it would have been a verdict of Not Proven if that had been an option.

Read the full text of the Mueller report here, as redacted by Barr

There’s been tons of posts on the Trump threads for the last 72 hours or more.

To be clear: the guy Trump specifically hired to find him innocent of any crimes has assured everyone that the report has nothing to nail him with in it, and that we should take his word on it, and that nobody should ever get to read it. In the meantime, this massively lowers the possibility of us getting to vote him out.


Selective perception is a thing.


I’m confused; is the White House now saying we should trust the conclusions of the Mueller Report? Because that’s most certainly not what they were saying a couple days ago.


We all knew it was a possibility that Barr would redact as much of the report as possible and declare victory. Some of his language is very sneaky (no evidence of collusion “with the Russian government”, whereas we know they were in constant communication with Russians linked to the government but not officially in the government.)

At this point I suspect Trump will try to keep the entire report from being made public, despite the recent statement that he supports having it made public.


I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Mueller concluded that Trump & Co. were too stupid to realize they were effectively doing Putin’s work.


Sorry. I imagine there may be updates on the BBS only threads, but I don’t typically follow them. Though every other major step in the investigation has warranted a post even though there is a separate thread (as it should), so I am still confused why there wasn’t a post for it when the report was released to the AG.

Boy that is pessimistic. You just can’t trust anyone these days. You should tell people like Mark Lavine and the other right wing pundits the FBI is really on their side and not full of Obama’s goons looking to subvert a Republican president.

There is still more than enough votes to vote him out if people actually vote. Apathy was the democrats worst enemy in 2016.

And as another note, not a direct reply:

At a minimum, if these guests do reappear, you should replay the prior statements and challenge them to provide the evidence which promoted them to make wild claims in the first place.

I actually agree with that a lot. The BS that spews out of the talking heads’ mouths on the “news” is just that. It often times has little to nothing to back up various claims.

Although this never seems to stop Trump from spewing his BS. So I wish he’d take his own advice.

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How about we apply this standard to the president himself?


No, it’s factual. Trump’s hand-picked AG has released his own personal three-page redacted summary of a few sentences of the entire report, and stated that in his opinion, it basically exonerates Trump. As of now, we’re expected to take his word for it.


chutzpah noun

: supreme self-confidence : NERVE, GALL
// The Trump administration has a lot of chutzpah to complain about telling lies on TV


This memo is hilarious… Imagine if the previous administration had sent something similar to Fox news.


Mueller was the last grace that I had given the Republican party.

Now he is just another government killer that is going to be forgotten.

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What’s crazy to me is that while there might not have been overt collusion, there’s no way I can believe that that didn’t happen because anyone in the Trump campaign realized it was a bad idea. Can you imagine a meeting where a Russian might have actually offered credible illigal help to a Trump associate and the latter very conscientiously said “My goodness! Are you actually proposing collusion? I’m afraid you have underestimated my commitment to the laws of my country, dear friend. No, put those emails away, let us discuss steel.” There’s no way! I can only presume that if collusion did not in fact occur that it was only because of incompetence or that it was never actually offered or some other extenuating circumstance. We haven’t exactly seen any paragons of morality arise out of that swamp.


I don’t think this significantly affects that possibility at all. Pelosi, Schiff and company are working to draw focus on to the entire report (which Barr has not released), and away from Barr’s Trump-leaning Cliff notes; that reinforces the narrative that Trump does have things to hide (along with collusion). That’s how it’ll get played all the way up from here up to the 2020 election. Normal people don’t like it when crooks get away with things YET AGAIN; 2020 is their chance to vote one out.