The family of Tom Petty moves to block auction of what they say is stolen memorabilia

Originally published at: The family of Tom Petty moves to block auction of what they say is stolen memorabilia | Boing Boing


I don’t know any of the details here, but having your house foreclosed doesn’t forfeit other people’s property rights just because they had their stuff in your house, so if the clothes were his then the bank had no right to dispose of them.

At the same time, he’d been divorced for 20 years at that point, so it’s not unreasonable to think he’d given up ownership of them, and since he wasn’t dead in 2015, they probably didn’t have any real value at the time.


Back in 2010ish we were cleaning foreclosed homes and doing property maintenance like changing locks, winterizing the water systems, turning off utilities, etc…

We didn’t do it long because it was so damn depressing.

Some house we’d go into and it appeared the people just got up and left. Dishes still in the sink, photo albums including wedding photos, school photos, report cards, documents, etc… Very sad.

Everything went in the dumpster, everything. The only thing we ever took was a garden angel that we put in our garden but we felt so guilty about that.

And the banks were horrible to deal with, if you didn’t submit the invoice in a very specific format with very specific photos they refused to pay.

The banks never made any effort to determine ownership of the contents, it was all trash to them.

It was so depressing throwing people’s lives away, for us anyhow, for the banks not so much.

On a side note, me and the wife were doing a house once when a neighbor came over and warned us that the owner who lost the house was driving back and forth and he wasn’t happy. We got out of that business but plenty of property maintenance companies got rich.

Having a conscience is reason 247 why we’re not rich.

Personally, if it was me, I would have turned the stuff over to the family which is reason 248 why we’re not rich.


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