The fashions of Withnail and I


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Bluray region B? everbody knows that Region A is the best region.

If I me’icn’d you I’d make a brain tumor feel like a birthday present.

Misheard AND misquoted.

Although I’ve never felt as strongly about this movie as apparently all British people (well, British men of a certain age, anyway) are required to by law, I can say that the movie has given me a gift of sorts; knowing that I can never look as shabby-elegant as Richard E. Grant does, seemingly without effort, I don’t even bother to try.

I’ve always had a fond spot for it despite being US/Canadian. In grad school (in microbiology) I knew a Withnail-like character. He was great fun and probably smarter than I but his drinking went beyond even the typical grad school limits to his detriment.

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