The Fastest, Smartest Way to Charge All Your USB-Capable Devices at Once

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Teardown, please?
Pretty please?

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The fundamental flaw with these is who has one place in the house where all of their devices sit? We’re used to charging at our desks, on our bedside tables, at the kitchen counter, etc.


Get more of these devices. Then you have peak charging capability at every one of the spots.

A good trick is to have cables for the most important devices always attached to the chargers. Then you come to the point, attach the cable, and the device feeds. No added fuzz.

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I have cables sitting by at my desk and bedside (they are required to be smart now, right? hmmm), but the main thing is that I only ever plug one thing in at these places.

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I tend to have a whole angry octopus of cables. With microUSB nipples at the ends for my electronics babies to suckle on.

When building your own cables, a good trick is adding a small LED to the microUSB end. Then the cable indicates presence of charging voltage, and is easier to find in the mess.


They say you don’t have a problem until…

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Are the provided cables all indestructible, finger-thick and not prone to inexplicably work properly on only one device?

*checks page

Oh. no, they’ve forgone tackling that impossible problem by not providing any such magical cables.


LED on the front: Do Not Want.

Can I save us all a click? Marked down to $35 for the next 2 days, free shipping to continental U.S. I may go ahead and get one.

We have a more-or-less central charging area for a half-dozen iPads (for my wife’s preschool class), a couple controllers for the WiiU, etc. I charge my phone on my bedside table in case of midnight calls.

Random thought for a large-scale charging plant.

An ATX power supply, that can give dozen amps at 5 volts easily. A manifold with USB A connectors, wired with the resistive dividers tailored to the devices to be charged. (Ideally, that kind of autonegotiation chip this advertised device claims to have would be the best.) Possibly with couple-amp polyswitch fuses (or, better, those overcurrent-cutoff chips).

$10 cheaper at Amazon.

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Yeah buddy Wii U. Just got mine a month ago and absolutely love it. I can’t believe the rancor I’ve encountered about the Wii U, it is an absolutely wonderful machine. Just got Splatoon ,going to check it out tonight.

40w 5v is 8amps

“Fast” is 2.1 amps.

So, no, it’s not 6 fast ports. Its 6 slightly faster than normal ports. Or maybe 2 fast ports and 4 slow ones. Or 6 fast-as-long-as-you-only-use-four-ports ports.

The OEM Fast Charger for my Galaxy S6 puts out 9v 1.67A. It can charger from 5 to 100% in 75 minutes (though I usually use it in 5v 2A mode, as it’s better for the battery).

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Haven’t tried Splatoon yet, but Mario Kart 8 is hellacious good fun on the couch.

I can’t work out if you are agreeing or disagreeing with me…

I’m simply saying that with the new generation of phones with AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging), what was once considered fast, isn’t really that fast by comparison.

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