The first-ever tech expert on Obama's NSA advisory board is *A*W*E*S*O*M*E*

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Thanks Obama!


“spot the mathematical errors used in the lethal big data projects used to identify candidates for assassination.”

10 years ago i would have assumed this phrase came straight out of some implausible dystopian novel.


“electronical medical records”?

for expanding the programs in the first place?

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Tom Hanks is going to play Obama? That’s a brave casting decision.


In blackface like Downey.


I hate to break it to you, but we’re now living in an implausible, dystopian novel.


This is good news. Pity it didn’t happen six years ago. I wonder if a President Cruz would keep the gentleman on his staff?


I’ll have you known, Kirk Lazarus is the finest actor of his generation! :wink:

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One really couldn’t do a whole lot better than Steven Bellovin for a role like this. So that’s good.

I wish it weren’t a newsworthy story for the NSA advisory board to have someone capable of understanding and advising on the subject matter.


reality is an excellent but rather nasty author

In the video, Steven Bellovin comments:

A modern definition [of privacy] is the right to control where my information goes.

While there is a certain appeal to this definition of privacy, Dan Geer gave a much better definition of privacy in the modern age at his incredible talk “Cybersecurity as Realpolitik”(transcript). In an age where it is difficult to completely obscure your data trail, privacy is “the effective capacity to misrepresent yourself”. Dan Geer explains:

Misrepresentation is using disinformation to frustrate data fusion on the part of whomever it is that is watching you. Some of it can be low-tech, such as misrepresentation by paying your therapist in cash under an assumed name. Misrepresentation means arming yourself not at Walmart but in living rooms. Misrepresentation means swapping affinity cards at random with like-minded folks. Misrepresentation means keeping an inventory of misconfigured webservers to proxy through. Misrepresentation means putting a motor-generator between you and the Smart Grid. Misrepresentation means using Tor for no reason at all. Misrepresentation means hiding in plain sight when there is nowhere else to hide. Misrepresentation means having not one digital identity that you cherish, burnish, and protect, but having as many as you can.

While it’s important that we have the ability to control where our data goes, fundamentally this definition places the burden of an ever-increasing management cost on the individuals. Unless we maintain the ability to simply make up identities, we will de facto lose any practical amount of privacy.


As though, under such a President, such a staff might exist. More likely to hear about appointments to the “Republic of Gilead’s Traditional Values Council”.


and author of such papers as Keys Under Doormats…

Co-author, Cory. I’m not going to list off all the other heavy hitters involved with that paper, as you provided a link.


Consider the author of this phrase…

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