Ex-NSA chief's "off the record" interview wasn't


Jesus, what kind of immoral asshole listens in on somebody else’s private conversation???


Hayden was a good sport, though, subsequently offering tweeter Tom Matzzie his own face-to-face interview.

…in a windowless holding cell.

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I wonder if we’re going to hear some argument from the powers that be that Hayden had some kind of expectation of privacy on the public train.


A friend of mine had to remind a public-transit-commuting lawyer that his loud cellphone conversation was violating his client’s confidentiality as well as annoying everyone in the vicinity.

The fact that these folks should have expert understanding of the difference between public and private does not, alas, necessarily mean that they are actually careful about what shouldn’t be said when and where and to whom.

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If this is the type of OpSec example he set when he was at the NSA, the Snowden leaks don’t just begin to look more believable, they become inevitable.


“Fellow traveler”, huh? I see what you did there.

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Gee, what a surprise. A Bush political appointee rags on his boss’s successor.

Liberal Activist, Reporter, Eavesdropper, Stalker.

This guy gets up to quite a lot in the imaginations of those reporting on him.

I’m sure a democratic nominee would never do something like that.

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