The first person, and cat, to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel

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Annie Edson Taylor was cut from some mighty stiff cloth, as we said in my sailing days.


Oh sure Annie Edson Taylor does it and she’s a goddamn hero; I suggest the idea just once and my wife thinks I’m trying to kill her cat.


I thought that she went over the falls with the cat…
I imagine that the injuries from the cat would would be much worse than injuries from the drop.


Annie Edison?

Oh, slightly misspelled.


What a shitty thing to do to her cat. Glad she didn’t make much money off it in the end. Karma.


I hope the cat wetted the mattress for her.

the thought of this makes me chuckle…

i love my cat, but he wouldn’t hesitate to slice the crap out of me in this sort of situation.

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I just had an interesting side read about poorhouses…spurred by this sentence.

You mean there used to be something besides being homeless on the street?

This may seem like an act fitting the profile of a reckless 20-something year-old guy, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything matching the sheer tenacity of some 60-something year-old women when they’re told that they can’t do something. It kind of tragic that her manager stole her chance of financial benefit from this act, but that’s one of the most common stereotypes of them all.


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