The first weed-friendly campground resort in the country just opened


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This is how I treat every state and county campground in California.


“Like, how crazy is it that out of everyone in the universe only YOU can prevent forest fires? What are the odds, man?”


yeah, be responsible and do magic mushrooms instead.


They should call it “The 'Hey, Dude! Ranch”.


I look forward to High Plains Camp Grounds east of the Colorado Rockies.


I’ve had one in my backyard for years.


I’m really not interested in attending a campground where I have to smell other campers’ smoke, be it marijuana or tobacco, or any even more exotic inhalant.


Afterwards, please let us know if you experience this:


Yes, I thought it would be CO first. “Rocky Mountain High”, ya know?


My college SO would make fun of me for humming John Denver :slight_smile:


I thought any college would?


That was my first thought: “Wait, isn’t that every campground?”


My aunt and uncle own and live in a campground in Maine n a beautiful lazy river. I can’t remember the last time i saw them not high…


That’s certainly how I treat every campground.


That name seems like a really bad omen for a campground, though.



Memories: at the rally campground, Phillip Island, for the Australian Motorcycle GP.

The beer tent at the top of the campground ran 24/7, and rapidly generated a large mudpit in front of it. In that mudpit, someone left a bike for the whole weekend: it was the designated free-to-all burnout bike. Into the beer tent, get drunk, come outside for some mud-spraying burnout fun, rinse and repeat.

Anyway, on the night after the race, the campground finally quietened down en masse, as everyone tried to sleep off their hangovers.

At about five in the morning, one of the hardcore drunks peeled himself out of the mud and decided that what the campsite really needed was an early-morning motorcycle symphony.

He staggered to the bike, hauled it out of the mud, and cracked the throttle wide open. He held it there for about thirty seconds before the engine ate itself and sent the valves flying out of the exhaust.

Immediately afterwards, the heartbroken cries of burnout boy were drowned out by a wave of applause that rippled over the campground.


Funny thing is that after giving up cigarettes at 50, smoking herb became harder so I switched to a dry herb vaporiser. So no smoking while camping, but I always carry a battery back-up. Be prepared!


Same campsite, night of the race, seen just as I staggered off to collapse:

Fifty beefy blokes, all in full leathers, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in a tight circle. In the middle, two guys on large sportsbikes, front wheels pressed together, both with the throttle wide open and the rear wheel spinning.

Despite the aggressive heterosexuality of most of the participants, it was the most intensely homoerotic scene I’ve ever encountered.