Why there are so many cannabis-sponsored highway miles in Colorado

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Marijuana businesses pay for 66% of state’s sponsored highway miles under Clean Colorado program


Let’s start a game, every time you see one of those signs, you spark up. Please have a designated driver while playing the game…



Terrapin Care Station?



The same reason Al Capone gave away free turkeys in November and started multiple soup kitchens.


This reminds me.
Last weekend we went to Joshua Tree to camp and driving up there from San Diego takes you through (partly, at least) solid Trump Country. Lots of Jesus and Trump 2020 signs on the highway and people’s property. Also - lots of signs for pot dispensaries, which makes for an interesting scene.

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That’s strange. You don’t usually associate the Grateful Dead with marijuana.


Best practice is to clean the highway before partaking.


I suspect it’s more that it was so common that not much was said. How many songs are about drinking beer?

Exhibit A is of course in the film “Woodstock” where Jerry says “Marijuana, Exhibit A”.

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There are probably more about gambling… :slight_smile:

Heh. We saw Dead & Company last year at Shoreline. There was this boomer in front of us that smoked so much pot, I was sort of in awe.
My wife had an edible from some rando other boomer in the parking lot. He gave it to us and I was like “look, you don’t know this dude or how he makes his edibles, just eat a little bit at first, please.” Chomps the whole thing. Doesn’t remember the entire first set.
It’s so funny, when that place first opened, they were so strict on smoking inside - pot or cigarettes. Now they don’t even bother. But Bill Graham could be hard lined on stuff sometimes.

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One of my local dispensaries is called Terpene Station.

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There’s been an actual Terrapin Station here in Buffalo for decades, it’s specifically a Grateful Dead and related culture shop.

Edit: And I really can’t use the word ‘decades’ in proximity to cannabis and the Dead without also mentioning:

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Commerce, uh, finds a way.

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