"Mad Signtist" turns green lights into cannabis leaves in Spokane

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I love them!


Don’t fuck with traffic control devices.


Yeah, and also, real edgy to spray leaves where recreational use has been legal since 2012


It does seem like potheads go to extreme lengths to glorify their intoxicant. You don’t see heroin users turning traffic lights into needles. Alcoholics don’t draw bottles everywhere.

Although… I remember Cheech and Chong made an album cover into a giant pill… I think it was a quaalude?

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Person 1: Let’s fool around with safety devices, because we are edgy and cool.
Person 2: What if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt?
Person 1: Sometimes you have to suffer for your art.
Person 2:
Person 1: Wait, where are you going? I guess they just can’t handle how edgy and cool I am. Now where’s that ladder?

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Some people still believe in iteration. That can be an edgelord thing for the 2020s. Fatter leaves and set dressing for some signals, the occasional ‘34m til next gas’ where people are driving real slow…


Show me a heroin addict or alcoholic or crackhead who a) has any energy beyond fixing and surviving to spare and b) isn’t drowning in shame or self loathing.

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Stupid and dangerous.

At least it wasn’t the red light. :roll_eyes:

No, often they just toss them. My county seat was originally named Botilleas aka Bottle Gulch because that’s where 19th-century teamsters threw empties.

For those, use MAGA stencils.

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Finally, some news out of Spokane that (probably) doesn’t have to do with white supremacy.

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