LED traffic sign in Texas displays witty warnings of global warming

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Anyone taking bets on whether this can stay up under the guise of an ‘art installation?’ I feel like there have to be laws in place against impersonating official roadside safety equipment etc. they may run afoul of if this goes sufficiently viral. I don’t think you can impersonate a cop or fireman on the side of the road and later say it’s ‘art.’ Not that I disagree with the message or hope they get shut down, I just don’t know if the MAN will leave this kind of thing be.

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Ok, is there anyone else that thinks that L.A. Story was criminally underrated? My guess is ‘probably not’.



HOW DADDY IS DOING was my first introduction to anagrams. Weather’s gonna change your life twice…


This reminds me of a set of hand made signs I saw posted along the long rural back-road home to the suburbs. They went something like
“Daddy don’t leave us”
“She’s not worth it”
“Your family loves you”


Typically it is done in the privacy of your own home. And the outfits look halfway authentic until they tear off.

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Big Sumbitch Fuckwaffle Cuntstick is what I say, and ain’t no signage gonna convince me elsewise.

such a great movie. I love the ways it sort of weaves in and out of all the different types of comedy.


I would have liked @deepeyes’s post but it has/had 12 likes at the time of this post so I just couldn’t spoil it.


Even better if we get it to 24!

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Wow, I saw this early Sunday morning, but I wasn’t absolutely sure my head wasn’t playing tricks on me, or (more likely) that it was some kind of prank. The road it’s on moves fast, so by the time I caught the text I was pretty much already past it, so it was a weird momement.

Trippy to see it on BB.

Also: LA Story FOREVER.


Happened to my wife and I yesterday. The dandelion sculpture there happens to be my wife’s favorite public art in town. As we approached the parking inlet I saw the sign and thought it was there to warn about car break ins or some sort of closure/construction. Then I saw a message flash and thought, someone broke into it to change the message! Then I saw the telltale “information plaque stand” and realized it was an artwork.

It is neat to see our H-Town on BB!

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