Keep your eyes on the road, except to look at these signs


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This is the problem a lot of commercial billboards have as well. Especially ones where they’re trying to get the driver to memorize a phone number or has too much text. They’re essentially actively trying to distract the driver, which is pretty special.


Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking, but these seem like messages you’d get from a deranged video-game AI. Out-of-place, inappropriate put-downs that ultimately serve to distract you from your task and make you less safe.
“Look at you, di-di-distracted driver.”


Are we sure these are genuine? I know sometimes the state DOT has a sense of humor, but I also know there are sites where you can mock up something like this. Didn’t we have signs about zombies last year?


They are probably real. Other states do similar things, TN ran a contest:

Do your duty. Seatbelt your booty.
Use your blinking blinker.
Be Kind. Don’t ride my behind.
In a hurry? Shoulda left early. Slow down.
We’ve upped our road safety, so up yours.

The #1 winning message, “Do your duty. Seatbelt your booty!”, will run on our overhead Dynamic Message Signs this week. That message, along with the other winning messages, will be placed in rotation to run on the overhead Dynamic Message Signs statewide throughout the year. Some of the entries were modified slightly to fit guidelines for the signs.

We have three honorable mentions that will also be placed in rotation:

Smashville is a rink thing, not a drink thing.
Don’t let Halloween end in horror. Drive sober.
March madness. For the hardwood, not the highway.


Also I feel like the quality of the jokes is very DOT-esque, as a researcher in my state’s DOT


I go to PHX a lot and recently saw this one -
"Drive Hammered, Get Nailed"
Um. What?



This is the problem a lot of commercial billboards have as well.

One of the best things about Vermont is that billboards are outlawed.

Land owners technically can’t even have the sponsor signs surrounding a baseball field facing outwards towards traffic. It makes driving into other states seem like such a downer.


Billboards are a nuisance. I went to school for graphic design so there’s some irony there. Didn’t know that Vermont didn’t allow billboards, that’s pretty neat… learn something new every day :slight_smile:


This is my favourite sign. I’m not sure if I should read it or ignore it which is a catch 22. Some kind of post-modern Dada art perhaps?


Reminds me of those billboards advertising the fact that it is a billboard for others to advertise on.


Meanwhile, in Boston…




(Are non-cake-related Portal things still funny?)



For years there was a sign along the Maine turnpike, miles from any exit, that asked “ARE YOUR TIRES SAFE?”