Man's bad wooden HOV lane dummy


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I’m sure he’s learned his lesson: next time let the dummy drive.

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It’s time for police to get some sensitivity training. It is bad enough that they guy got arrested he doesn’t need his art critiqued as well.


There was a whole gang organized to exploit HOV weakness. But I think this is just a splinter group.

(Okay, some jokes you just tell for yourself.)


According to the police though, “It wasn’t a good job. Not a lot of artistic talent at all.”

Okay, but:

…but when they asked the passenger for ID…

Apparently it was good enough to fool you.


I could’ve used one of these this morning. I was jealous watching those HOV bastards speed by. I felt like a real block head. (Ok, couldn’t resist)

Thank the sky muppet I don’t have to do that commute every day though. My normal commute avoids crazy highways.

I’ve fantasized about doing this but sheesh, I was going to at least use a mannequin or blow-up doll!

The remarkable part of the story was breaking the speed limit on the LIE. It’s usually a parking lot. Even when it’s clear the HOV is often slower than the main lanes.

He should have known the cops wouldn’t be fooled by that one. It doesn’t even have a first name!


At least he didn’t get shot. Seems unusual in the US lately…

Good thing he left it an unfinished pine instead of going with a darker stain.


He was just going to write his name on the moon.

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With face like this, the guy can’t be anything but a chairman.

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