Scary mysterious sign posted in Burbank, California


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Scary? Well maybe if the creator actually believes their own rantings.


My God why isn’t the FBI all over this?


ARG possibly? The writing/drawing is very interesting, and it seems to mention a number of elements that seem like they may be related to a previous story/game/characters.


Wonder if it’s a guerrilla marketing campaign. Perhaps for some sort of indie horror flick, or even an upcoming comic.


QUICK! Get Mulder on this right away!


Burbank, you say? Paging @Donald_Petersen


Reminds me of this guy who used to have these hand drawn posters all over his beat up truck. I saw it at the grocery store some times, and then I think I stumbled onto his house looking for garage sales in the area.


So let me get this straight: Toynbee resurrect the dead Kubrick’s 2001 Jupiter. I mean, stranger things have happened.


Outsider Art in the wild. Deform Man say not to forget the name Bric!

Clues about the weird Burbank wheat paste posters

Bush hates BORF


I saw another one of these on a vending machine at a Burbank supermarket. The color illustration was of a number of obscured-face people, kind of like a movie poster, and the text said "DISNEY: making lots of experiments beneth [sic] St. Josep’s [sic] Hospital see them for yourself


I’ll see what I can find out! Looks fascinating, though I think “He have a mind madness” is my favorite touch.


This story has been running for a few years now. I used to collect these posters whenever I’d find them around Burbank. Image link to others I’ve found


Mine is “a ruber face is neopoliten color!”


Of course, the mental image that arises is not of the complexion of a typical Naples native, but simply a face with wide pink, white, and brown stripes.


These are incredible! I love the illustrations and art style.


The one with the anus is insane and amazing. Very David Lynch.


That is fantastic. This will be in the next Kramer’s Ergot, right?


“Fat and slow from eating alots of Porto”

Porto’s (a cafe/bakery at Magnolia and Hollywood Way in Burbank) is indeed delicious, as evidenced by the line out the door.

There are more Burbank cops at Western Bagel, though.