Guerilla street artist makes her emotionally-expressive warning signs available


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These are great. Reminds me of this guy’s work:


Where is the freeway blogger when we need him or her, ok maybe they are a bunch of people, myself included (shutupshutupshutup!) Oh wait, here we are (ahem)

Nothing gets the heart pumping like putting up anti-groupthink signs in very public places knowing the long arm of Johnny Law is reaching out to you every second that you are wiring that sign up to the chainlink fence and the traffic is zooming by below. A certain zest for life makes the thin gruel of the ‘president’ trump years barely palatable.

“I wish our president was less of a Nazi” or “Impeach Putin’s Bitch” seem appropriate this AM…


That guy’s new to me and is a genius. Thanks for linking.


Saw this guy’s stuff on a cross-country trip in 2015:


Another vote for the Freeway Blogger. Much more political but still in the guerrilla art vein:


This random positive/motivational shit never struck a chord with me. How do we know that the next person to read that message isn’t a wife beater?



Most of these are modelled after warning signs of some kind or another. I mean, the execution and idea are clever and well done, but given that they are in situ, I’m distracted by the dilution of the mental association of this particular aesthetic…


Okay so off the top a) I met him once b) it only reinforced what a sick fuck he was…

But the first thing that came to mind were the signs Stanley Marsh had put up all over Amarillo

ETA wiki for those who don’t know about the creep. My time in Amarillo was beyond fucking surreal, lasting less than 24 hours and left a permanent impression


Ah! Like Markoff Chaney aiming to hasten the revolution!




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