Artists remix NYC "If You See Something, Say Something" subway signs


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I f**king love this!


Reminds me of this:

Also the low tek insert in the corporate video stream in Johnny Mnemonic.


If only more people would RTFM, where M means Metro ads.


“I know we have always been at war with Eastasia, but I still don’t understand why, or if it will ever end.”


That’s fantastic. Before I read the details my first thought was to call the number and notify them a mad man has broken into the White House.


So… blind people should just shut up, then?


We need a really succinct way to say: “I do not identify with America because it does not uphold the values it professes.” The problem is that those are two ideas at once. If you only say the first, you’ve got something like an upside down flag, which reads to people as a rejection of what America is supposed to be. On the other hand, if you simply espouse “freedom” and “democracy” then you’re likely to be mistaken for a patriot.

The subway signs are attempting something in this vein. They’re saying “I feel threatened by our protectors—your police are my crooks.” I’d like to broaden that into an indictment of society as a whole, and then condense it into a clever symbol or slogan.


How’s this for timing?


I’ve always wanted to do something like this, esp. replacing ‘No Trespassing’ signs with similar looking ones that say ‘No Traipsing’.


These are awfully complex.

Could someone please pare them down to a pithy slogan that encapsulates the fear driven hatred infesting my heart?


I remember after 9/11 when so many Americans were driving around with American flags on their cars (actual flags mounted on flagpoles affixed to the window or roof), and someone pointed out “you know, having that flag on the car makes it less fuel efficient because of the drag it causes, so it wastes gas, and petroleum is the perhaps the primary reason for all our problems in the middle east.”

Sometimes the things we do to make ourselves feel better end up making things worse.


If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget.


And sometimes folks just draw on the faces of the models who portray The Good Citizens Who Having Seen Something Have Said Something…


“if A then B” does not imply “if not-A then not-B.”


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