Court tells cops that license plates from a weed-friendly state are not "suspicious"


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Court tells cops that license plates from a weed-friendly state are not “suspicious”

Thanks for making my point in regards to the lack of IQ/Intelligence in our PD nation wide.


Search and seizure idea down the drain…now how is Brownback going to make up the deficit?


What I like most about that state is that it shows the Republican economic theories are so useless for the real world. Unfortunately, that won’t stop the GOP from still trying to shove it down our throats.




I dunno, I’d say driving in a car with Colorado license plates indicates they might be smuggling something. Of course, that also applies to every other car from every other state, too. If you’re not smuggling something, you’d use public transportation or ride a bike. So law enforcement would be wise to - nay, should be forced to - pull over and detain every single vehicle on public roads. I mean, why be half-assed about it? Plus there was another major suspicious element not mentioned above - he was also traveling along a “major drug corridor” (i.e. a major interstate highway)! They should also really just close down this road that apparently serves no other purpose than to deliver illegal drugs!


Hardly limited to interstates. My local ‘interstate drug corridor’ is a US Route that doesn’t go through a town >50K people in 400 miles.

That phrase just means ‘local road with people from away on it, on whom we can pin local problems and from whom we can extract rent’.

Edited to add: to have a scapegoat, you need a road into town for it to be run out on


What’s really scary is that this point was Ever considered debatable.


I’ve got eight gigabytes of porn on my bike.


So long as it isn’t child porn, you should be safe. But you’ll have to let the nice police person watch all of it just to be sure



Clearly people traveling long distances are up to no good, and everyone should stay where they were born, just like God and the Founding Fathers intended.

Clearly that’s a problem with a whole other highway - the information superhighway. Obviously use of that is inherently suspicious as well. Plus, since porn is illegal somewhere, you should turn yourself in to your local law enforcement, since apparently the police regard this as sufficient to arrest someone.


He can have a complementary copy, on the house.


No shit.


Can we get this judge to talk to Burning Man about detaining a city of 70,000 just because they come from a place where a 17 year old is missing?


Is it a tandem, by any chance?



It’s odd that the story seems to make it sound as if these two officers were acting on their own, when it’s apparently an institutional operation.

We recently had to travel out to far northwestern Kansas for a funeral. Family from all over the country came, including cousins from Colorado. One cousin told my wife that they are in the habit of renting a vehicle with non-Colorado plates whenever they need to travel to any of the states bordering Colorado because of the frequency of stops/searches being performed by police in those states.

In fact, as we were driving home (using I-70) we saw temporary signs declaring that there were drug checkpoints ahead. Sure enough, we passed one such checkpoint with a car pulled over.


It’s painted on, in one-micron dots.

The hard part is finding a scanner that can decode it.


Wait a second–I need some clarification. First, my cousin-in-law tells me that if the world were split into two halves, “white” people in one, and “black” people in the other, that the “black” half would be more violent and harmful because “black” people are naturally prone to criminal activity.

Now Johnny Law wants me to believe that people living in Colorado (among other “weed friendly” places in America) are “suspicious” because of…proximity to legal use of MJ?

Go home, conservative Americans, you’re well beyond drunk.