Court tells cops that license plates from a weed-friendly state are not "suspicious"

Tangential, but this reminds me of the coolest bike I ever saw.

From a distance, it looked like an '80’s sportsbike given a weird polka-dot paintjob.

Up close, though…every one of those “polka dots” was actually a perfectly detailed rose, about an inch long.

The whole thing must’ve been done by hand. Magnificent.


Colorado is also where the US Air Force Academy is, and where Focus on the Family is headquartered. There is a strong conservative and Evangelical Christian presence anywhere in Colorado that isn’t Denver/Boulder.

I’m imagining a Colorado right-winger trying desperately to explain to an overzealous Kansas cop that he is not a filthy hippie, and the Kansas cop isn’t having any of it. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


Wow, David Letterman looks really different than he used to.

Maybe it’s the background. Or the tie. Or… I dunno…

(Yeah, /s)


I would say they have passed out by this time.

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