License plate made from a pizza box doesn't fool police


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“Massachusetts” is hard to spell.


Bonus style points for pepperoni stains.


SMH Looks like Big Plate has gotten to Boing Boing, too. You suckers go ahead and keep buying your fancy plates from the government. I’ll keep making my own and saving a fortune, thank you very much.


Just an aside - if your car is properly registered, but your plates are stolen, is it legal to go for the pizza box?


Sovereign Citizen, who doesn’t have the courage to drive with no plates?


Back in the '80s there was a car driving around our neighborhood with a “plate” made of plywood and painted with water-based paints. It still looked better than that pizza box attempt.


wrong font


That was my question as well. I’ve seen hand-written “plates” taped to the back window before. Is that legal, if your plates are “in the mail,” as it were?


Also, no “Spirit of America” or even a self-composed state motto.


As long as you also draw the registration sticker with watermark/hologram or whatever.


Yay my town made BoingBoing… :stuck_out_tongue:


“License and registration?”



“paper plates” aren’t just for picnics, they are a legal document you can get from the DMV. And yeah, if you have something made of paper that’s not authentic, it’s still a crime no matter your excuse.


He should have used a Dunkin’ Donuts box instead, to misdirect the cops. :grimacing:


Damned Massholes! (That’s what people in NH call em.)


Well. . . that’s what a lot of Massholes call themselves, so it’s kinda moot.

Anyway, when I was in college a friend of mine made a fake cardboard plate for his motorcycle that looked far worse than this (it read “LSD-25” if you can believe it), and he used it for at least six months, never got caught.


“We’re good at spelling. We have to.” ?

Also, as pointed out above, it’s a rookie mistake to use a pizza box.
Always use one from the local donut shop.


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