Police not fooled by home made license plate




Probably cause she neglected to include the double helix running down the middle.


Luckily she found a workaround for the suspended driver’s license too.


I don’t get it. Wait, you mean that plate is a counterfeit? Amazing - why isn’t she printing benjamins?


Wait, where’s the beating or tasering? State troopers are getting soft.


Actually, making a Home-made plate is a Felony offence of Counterfeiting (In FL anyways) -she may do REAL Jail-time for that. If she has an otherwise clean record and a decent lawyer she could get away with Pre-Trial intervention and Community service, If she is a F*ck-up then its off to the Big-house. (Don’t ask me how I know mmmkay?)


She already has a suspended license. I think it’s a safe bet her record isn’t pristine.


Is it counterfeiting if you have a cardboard copy of your real plate? When I tow a trailer behind my truck it often blocks the view of my truck’s license plate, so I put a cardboard one in the window. I’ve been thinking about replacing the cardboard version with one of the fake hollywood/movie plates made up with my number in the older 1986 Texas license plate, I really like the old sesquicentennial plates. But I wasn’t sure if that would be crossing a line into illegality. The number would be right, so I don’t see the big deal, but I figure state cops are masters of seeing big deals where there are only small ones, so I’ve been putting it off.


It’s OK to block your truck’s license plate with a trailer, as long as you have the plate on the truck, and your trailer has a license plate. Otherwise everyone who tows a trailer would be dealing with this issue, and they most certainly do not deal with this issue.


I find it interesting that she did a great job of copying the font, the colors, the relative sizes, etc. of a real plate, but has absolutely no inkling of what a straight line is. Even the cardboard itself has curvy edges!


It’ll be interesting to find out why she had a suspended license, and why she felt it might be a good idea to counterfeit some license plates. I’m reading Radley Balko’s WP article this morning on municipalities profiting from poverty, and I could easily see someone desperately trying to hang on to her job, yet too poor to afford renewing her plates, paying her fines, or getting her license back. All it takes is one fuckup to get sucked into that maelstrom.


Springfield?, i was rooting for Florida.


Another possibility is she is not very bright. That’s my theory.


Artisanal forgery is the most authentic forgery.


There seems to be a tradition in the area where we currently live for people to use cardboard and markers to make little signs that say “TAG LOST,” “TAG STOLEN,” and “TAG APPLIED FOR,” etc. The really ballsy ones just drive around without a license plate.

I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else I’ve lived. I doubt that it’s legal but it’s definitely a common practice here.


Hmmm interesting. I am pretty sure that in my state (Victoria, Australia) you can still make your own plates if you want. They have to comply with the standard (no cardboard obviously) and the registration has to be valid. By home made plate do you mean a made up number? Or just that the plates didn’t come from the authorities?


There are numerous ways to get your license suspended, depending on state law regarding: traffic violations, bench warrants, tax liens, etc… Don’t judge.


Hell, I lost mine once just because I moved. The state I lived in sent a nice reminder letter when your license was about to expire. What nobody knew except the postman is the when you move and forward your mail, there are certain things they won’t forward - such as letters from the government.

I was young and impetuous. I was driving on an expired license. And then I happened to be the only person who ever got pulled over for running a yellow light. True fax, bro.


People used to have to make their own plates, usually leather with metal numbers.


It took the Massachusetts troopers almost 2 months to notice my handmade plates about 20 years ago…

The family was moving to Illinois from MA, and the cars were now registered in IL while we were wrapping up the transition in MA. IL doesn’t give temp plates, instead you would get a slip of paper to put in the back window, and if you got customized plates, you’d could driving around with that slip for 3 months. Every IL cop knows to look for that slip of paper when there isn’t a plate on a car, but Mass police don’t. So after getting pulled over daily and having to explain the IL temp registration process, we fashioned an IL “temporary” cardboard plate not much more professional looking than the one above, albeit a bit neater, and didn’t get pulled over until a few days before the plates arrived in the mail.