The flag we'll use to colonize the galaxy

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I like the greendale community college flag better. Much more honest about human nature.

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Well…at least it’s almost banal enough to avoid offending anyone, so there is that.

I agree, the flag is too banal. The flag needs a human touch, like a pair of hands reaching to stretch the frontiers of humanity. Like this:


you win the internet for today

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Probably going with an outer number of shapes equalling five through eight is a bad idea*.

*For ideas perceived as being possessed by nationalist ideology.

Nine is fine. Who believes in all that occult rubbish anyway, huh?

(Well, the Chinese flag does pretty much represent the financially motivated allegiance of most US senators/congress-entities, so…)

I’m surprised our reptilian Illuminati overlords would allow a symbol of hope, such as the Seed of Life, to represent our planet…

Looks more like a flag for the space olympics


This wins the Laziest Flag Design from the one for the United Federation of Planets, which is basically just the UN flag with a random starfield swapped out for the Earth. (Plain flags, with only one color and no lettering or insignia, are actually quite rare–only Libya had such a flag, and no longer does.)

Manifest Destiny for all!


I don’t see anything wrong with the already-long-established Old Freebie:

The disembodied head of Richard Nixon AND the shambling headless corpse of Spiro Agnew both approve.


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Mmm. Looks a tad G7ist to me too.

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