The Flaming Lips cover David Bowie and Bing Crosby's "Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy"

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sorry, this is a NOPE from me. some things are sacred.


It was actually nicer and less strange than I expected.

in my defense, it’s probably because i’m old enough to remember watching it when it aired the first time, sigh…

Wait, did we all just lose the Little Drummer Boy game?


I was going to say the same thing. The Lips’ music has been increasingly unpleasant for the last few years. This is a lot less intentionally-weird than usual, though doesn’t improve on the original.


Thanks Pesco, happy holidays to you sir!

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A NO from me simPly because I hate Little Drummer Boy.


this is demonstrably false, though. there is a a LOT of contemporary music that i like – it doesn’t ALL sound the same to me, and i find new things i like all the time – but pop music in general HAS degraded, which is why things like autotuning is needed. it all sounds the same because it’s engineered to appeal to the lowest common denominator by the Swedish hit factory:

this is all a side discussion from the original topic, though: i find most efforts to modernize traditional holiday fare just worthless. i realize that an argument could be made that bringing bowie on board back in '76 or whenever was an attempt to modernize the song back then for crosby, and it’s probably true, but they didn’t change the traditional way the song was performed – they just had a passing of the torch moment, new singer with old singer.

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Not if you didn’t hit play. I almost did until I fully read the title


Clearly not true, else I would still fancy Trisha Yates from Grange Hill.

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The title is a bit “click baity”, you should give it a listen. I do still fancy Marie Osmond :wink:

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It’s not the same without the visuals of two wax museum celebrity statues singing it.

The Little Drummer Boy is the most depressing Christmas song - which are often depressing.

I call Christmas the Hellidays. Mind you, I like New Years.

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You found Oczy Mlody unpleasant?

To quote Peter Griffin (to the same music), “I have some toys for you. They’re up in my bum.”

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