The FLKR LYTR isn’t just a cool lighter case – it’s also an infectiously addictive fidget toy

Originally published at: The FLKR LYTR isn't just a cool lighter case – it's also an infectiously addictive fidget toy | Boing Boing

You know for the kids …


this is stupid, don’t buy this

I have a lighter sleeve that has a bottle opener, small pen knife, and a long thin screwdriver.

I’m confused. Why would I need to light the end of my vape pen?

With this elastic band I can make a fiery spinner


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It would be cool if the spinning regenerated power to the battery, and it was an electric lighter :bulb:

It’s also three years too late. That fad has passed.

I feel like someone had a warehouse full of these things they couldn’t sell for years, and now Stack Social is trying to make these awkward, unbalanced, outdated pieces of crapware a thing.

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