The freaky tricks your memory can play on you


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We sciency types like to talk about “objective reality,” but since you and I remember every event differently, in what sense does such a thing even exist? If there is a reality neither one of us can access, where is it? Back in the good old days we would say it is the “mind of God,” but do we even have words for this any more?


I’d say this became somewhat trivial the day that phones started having cameras on them.


Excellent! Because photographs cannot lie, surely a utopia of truth and equality is just around the corner! When was the camera invented again?



My memory IS a freaky trick. That’s how it works.


Interesting point, but I’m happy I didn’t spend several minutes scribbling words and scratching my head for that payoff.
Wasn’t “cake” in the list?


Nah. The cake is a lie.

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