The Fresh Tank Engine of Sodor

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Mr. Conductor approves.

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Bob the Builder and Shiva the Destroyer, btw


I can see the play one, but the others give me, “This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.” Living in the US, I don’t get that message very often - in fact, why am I getting it now?


I’m in the US and I didn’t get that, so it probably means you’re on The List.


You missed the original (and the best) there:

Honestly, that is magic. I love the ear these sort of folk have for rhythm and timing that lets them just know how two ridiculously unrelated tracks can be made to match together so perfectly.


Oh, thank goodness - finally!

Youtube often seems to have strange ideas about where I am, based on the ads I sometimes get in Spanish and Hindi.

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Apparently there are parts of YouTube that I have never seen!

Did someone say Sodor?

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Thomas the Tank Engine will mix into nearly anything 4/4. I’ve seen someone sync it up with stuff just using two youtube tabs.

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