The Gallery of Just Plain Assholes

That is sad. I suppose there is always an embarrassing element to pretty much any large group of people, but as metalhead myself, I would argue this is a fringe. I have been to a lot of metal concerts and have never felt a Nazi vibe at any. In fact, they tend toward overtly inclusive. Of course, these were not Black Metal, but more Iron Maiden / Nightwish / Judas Priest. Not sure what the classification is, I like to call it “smart metal.” It’s what Prog Rock grew up to be! And carried a lot of those values with it.


Back a few years ago I watched a documentary on Scandinavian black metal that was pretty depressing in this regard, too. I agree that it is fringe.

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Most Black Metal I’m familiar with is quite inclusive.

Take Gaahl from Gorgoroth; openly gay, totally F’n metal. His latest album was named the 3rd best metal record of '19.


I am reminded of the article that I linked to the other day, about when nazis tried to co-opt the gabber scene

Different music, same old arseholes.



Perhaps not the best example you could have chosen given his apparent history of racist statements


That is a new accusation to me, but if it’s so I’ll retract my endorsement.

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It’s been a few years but he said some flat out Nazi-shit in an interview in 1995. Oddly enough the English language Wikipedia entry on him quotes the stuff he said in that interview about Church burning but doesn’t mention the admiration for Hitler and other stuff - you can find that elsewhere with a quick google though.

He says he was never “political” but hung around with the wrong people as a young man and he’s a different person now, so take that as you will.

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Bonus: ex supreme court judge thinks he gets to decide that he doesn’t have to follow the law. I hate how they frame it here as they are accepting the word of a lawyer that a public health rule is absurd


To Lord Sumption…


Also, note the smug look on his face after he says that… like he’s won somehow by saying that woman’s life is “less valuable.”


These people are unreal, what’s wrong with them. Rhetorical because they are self-entitled pricks.

See also Toby Young who the great Marina Hyde has recently been tearing apart.


It’s long passed time that this deadbeat was held to account. Pay up, enter a payment plan or shut him down and sell whatever assets he has to pay his debts.

If he starts with his bullshit threatening violence yet again- arrest him and any supporters. Do it before they mass up again. If it’s after - lock the place right up. Turn off utilities and water to his place - disconnect any solar he was and remove it. No one allowed in. No deliveries. If you want out - you can only do so unarmed.

These criminals need some jail time.


He and his idiot son are overdue for their doses of tear gas and rubber bullets, at the very least.


I’ve long harbored the belief that the Bundy clan’s takeover at Malheur was a dry run for more dramatic assaults on occupied federal buildings. Like say, what occurred on the 6th.


Would not be surprised.


I enjoyed this series.

But yeah, they need to stop being coddled already.


Ronnie is a national treasure