The genius behind South Park's structure

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It’s been quite some time since I watched but I understand they belatedly acknowledged the reality of climate change in recent years and even had an “apology” of sorts to Al Gore, so that’s nice I guess.


Are you referring to the “imaginationland” episode where he finally found proof of Manbearpig?

Al Gore Finds Manbearpig - South Park (Video Clip) | South Park Studios US

I was referring to this, but the imagination-land bit underscores just how long the were mocking the guy for his wacky global warming theories before admitting he might have a legitimate point.


I am behind, but still watch South Park, The Simpsons, and Family Guy. All three shows are way past their prime as far as being cutting edge commentary and humor - but I still enjoy them.

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I must be one of the few who disliked South Park from the start. But the first episode I tried to watch was the one with the Christmas Poo, and that just… no thanks. Nope. I’m out. I did end up watching one episode for a class I took on game programming, the one where the kids grind out levels so they can take down a griefer in a game they love, which was mildly enjoyable social commentary, but mostly I’ve been happy enough without it.


I watched the video, it’s interesting but I prefer to just watch funny stuff and laugh. How they make me laugh is their business.

As far as South Park, it’s Christmas so…

And I have no idea what the formula is for this but it amuses the crap out of me every year.


We had to destroy the village comedy in order to save describe it.


They’ve certainly nailed the formula for homophobia and transphobia after so many years of practice.


If only Trey Parker and Matt Stone weren’t so impressed with their own Libertarianism, it might be a good show. The Coon Trilogy was pretty good. Idiotic characters like PC Principal? Not so much. Not every topic or event has two sides, and their initial “make fun of everyone” schtick starts wearing thin when they decide to punch down.


They lost be around the fag episode also I stopped being so tolerant with that warmed over centrism so I found it really hard to take their both sides bullshit.

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